Asbestos Laboratories

As a laboratory your reputation depends on the ability to manage multiple sample types and sources to produce accurate reports for regulatory compliance. BTLIMS is equipped to cater to the needs of labs with NVLAP accreditation. We help your analysts to keep records of the preparation process before analysis and later to record and report the results from the instruments. We offer full support for industrial hygiene laboratories, including a special asbestos data management package for PLM, PCM and TEM.

Environmental Laboratories

Most commercial labs receive samples and report the testing results to their customers in compliance with NELAP accreditation. The Instrument and System Interfacing options of BTLIMS enable interfacing with instruments and systems to increase automation and reduce data entry errors.

Wastewater Laboratories

Belonging to city or county municipalities, these labs mainly deal with a simple matrix, water only, and monitor the changes before and after treatment of wastewater to meet the permit level before disposal. BTLIMS automates the sampling process with tailored scheduler and all the projects can be set in advance. Automated calculations accelerate workflows, increase throughput and efficiency. Quality Assurance and Quality Control features include automated calculations of mean, standard deviation and control limits.

Drinking water laboratories

Belonging to city or county municipalities, these labs mainly deal with a simple matrix, water only, and monitor the water quality after treatment to meet the drinking water criteria before supplying. BTLIMS offer features that can be used to maximize efficiency, with built in calculations, direct connections with balances for data import and reagent tracking.

City Health Laboratories

These laboratories monitor the pollution of the environment and national properties. Our product is capable of monitoring elements including surface water, ground water, wastewater, ambient air, precipitation, outfall, noise, gas, soil and solid waste. We can get your lab up and running quickly with preconfigured methodologies without the need for the customization of the system.

Marine Laboratories

These laboratories provide testing services both on land and at sea. BTLIMS equips Marine labs to do the preparation of tests and bottle orders at sea and to later upload all the data to generate reports once they are back on land and when connected

Food Laboratories

The food and beverage industry is continually searching for ways to reduce the cost of business while ensuring quality and safety. BTLIMS support your product quality and cost reduction initiatives by providing complete tracking and management capabilities to enhance your production processes with the compliance of A2LA accreditation.

Microbiological Laboratories

Most of the microbiology tests are subjective and require detailed interpretations, or alphanumeric results (positive, negative, TNTC, etc.). Instrument integration and bar code technology provided by BTLIMS leverages automated microbiology workstations and adhere to AIHA regulations.

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