Environmental laboratory practices were the initial focus of BTLIMS. Started in 2002 and completed as a fully functional LIMS in 2006, BTLIMS was originally designed to help with the regulatory environment faced by the environmental laboratory industry.

Our staff consists of former laboratory and IT personnel that have many years of personal experience with environmental laboratories. We closely monitor regulatory issues and new TNI (NELAC - www.nelac-institute.org) developments to make sure that BTLIMS is perfectly suited for and up-to-date with, the environmental industry.

Over the past 15 years, a LIMS has become a necessity for laboratories in the environmental industry as regulations and data requirements call for better data management. BTLIMS is set up to work with the most common instrumentation found within environmental laboratories, including ICP, ICP-MS, GC, GC-MS, IC, and more.. As instrumentation has improved, the amount of data generated and required to be properly processed and stored has exponentially increased. An efficient LIMS that is capable of processing this data effectively is vital to the smooth operation of a laboratory. In addition, the BTLIMS reporting engine allows for the easy creation of multiple report types, including various EDDs, state reports, and client-specific reports. These reports may be emailed, printed, and/or faxed based upon the requirements of the end-user.

Industrial Hygiene

"The goal of the industrial hygienist is to keep workers, their families, and the community healthy and safe. They play a vital part in ensuring that federal, state, and local laws and regulations are followed in the work environment." - American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) website (www.aiha.org).

Industrial hygiene (IH) is a critical part of our daily lives, even if we never see it. The laboratories that run these samples are critical in ensuring the health of millions. BTLIMS has been involved with the IH industry since its inception and offers a very versatile, bulletproof LIMS to help ensure data quality, validity, and ease of access in an IH laboratory setting while following the stringent designs specified by the AIHA.

 Product Details

BTLIMS is a Microsoft Windows®, network-based LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) designed to enable laboratories to manage complex processes while maintaining compliance with the Good Automated Laboratory Practices ("GALP", EPA Directive 2185) and all LIMS related national (NELAC, AIHA, CLP, GLP, etc.) and international (ISO/IEC 17025) quality management systems requirements. With inherent flexibility and scalability, BTLIMS is easily configured to match the dynamic processes of a variety of laboratory sciences and is able to consolidates diverse business processes into a single, compliant platform within a comprehensive data management system. BTLIMS is an off-the-shelf, modular LIMS that allows the end-user the ultimate ability to pick and choose the configuration that works for their laboratory.

BTLIMS has the following main modules that together combine to create the complete lab solution.

  1. Sample Management
  2. eData Transfer
  3. Document Management
  4. QA/QC
  5. Settings
  6. Inventory and Reagent Management
  7. Customer Service
  8. Sales and Marketing
  9. Communication
  10. Scheduler
  11. Data Explorer

BTLIMS is a truly automated and paperless data management system. Its many features and supplemental tools exemplifies the fact that the user’s needs and convenience is the number one priority for this software.

Different from most commercial LIMS, which usually only handle one type of data system, BTLIMS is capable of managing different industrial data entry and reporting requirements by integrating them into a single database system.

BTLIMS surpasses all expectations of a Laboratory Information Management System with the following features and supplemental tools:

  • Sample Check In
  • Sample Login
  • Worklist
  • Result Entry
  • e-Entry
  • e-Bench Forms
  • Report Delivery
  • Document Management Module
  • Inventory Control Manager
  • Reagent Preparation
The very first step a lab should do when a new sample arrives is log the sample in. Most LIMS do not have a Sample Check In feature and labs resort to logging in samples using a classic bound book. This causes wasted time and extra work. BTLIMS has a Sample Check In tool that allows a sample to be logged into the system immediately. Within seconds of the sample’s arrival, the laboratory is able to begin the necessary preparations and is therefore able to have a quicker turnaround result.
Using only one screen, this module not only provides alternate ways to login samples, but also includes details on the client, samples and the analyses requested. In addition, a consulting form and client history is available for login employees to more efficiently input sample data.
All work on BTLIMS’ worklist is automatically updated as projects are completed. Real time assignment is provided for pending work and allows for all of the lab’s assignments to have updated details and be viewable by the lab personnel.
Although most LIMS only have one type of data entry format, BTLIMS is able to combine all the data into one single database. BTLIMS is even able to modify itself to the specific needs of a client by separating the data entry modules according to a client’s preference.
BTLIMS’ electronic data transfer has a built in template capable of collecting raw data from instruments with different data formats and automatically transferring them to the result page. The use of an interface allows data to be calculated and evaluated against previously set criteria before the final results are transferred into BTLIMS.
Electronic Bench Forms eliminate the use of paper bench forms to document results. BTLIMS has the capability of generating customized electronic bench forms specific to an analysis. All analytical information can be transferred electronically to the result table of BTLIMS. QC results that are not within specified ranges are immediately identified and a Qualifier Form will automatically open for the user.
Because BTLIMS cares about a lab’s time and workload, this software will automatically fax and email reports in pdf format at the click of a button. Report delivery options can be recorded in the client form to ensure clients receive reports in a timely fashion and in a manner convenient to them.
Like many of our modules, the Document Management module is unique to BTLIMS in that it manages documents essential to laboratory operations. Documents can be registered, viewed and scheduled for their required update. Records are also color-coded to show the countdown to their annual review, expiration and updating deadlines.
This matchless application makes inventory control efficient and easy. A multiple level approval process allows employees to make a requisition order, fill out a purchase order and keep track of orders received. This module is so proficient that within a minute an entire inventory request is computed and ordered. The vendor information is all included in this module as well. Because the Inventory Control Manager is so thorough, lab management can easily control and track their inventory spending.
This module is linked to the Inventory Control Manager, which provides all chemicals with an assigned ID number and makes them traceable to vendor lot numbers. Analysts may prepare reagents and standards from stock chemicals, assign a unique ID and record any check criteria. A history of the preparation process will be created making it easy to duplicate.

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