BTLIMS Capabilities/Features

Ø  Sample Lifecycle:

BTLIMS manages the sample lifecycle using a variety of out-of-box features that enhances the productivity in the lab.  Sample scheduling can be done as daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.


Ø  Sample Management:

Samples can be managed through their entire lifespan with end-to-end product traceability.  Generates a series of reports including Chain of Custody (COC), login report and sample conditions.


Ø  Batch Management:

BTLIMS is capable of processing and testing samples in raw material or finished product batches. 


Ø  Analytical Quality Control (AQC)

The integrated QA/QC module allows users to graph results and monitor the accuracy of analytical methods, through the use of control samples.  Calculations are set up, verified and validated, so that users no longer have to perform hand calculations.


Ø  Consumables & Inventory Management:

BTLIMS manage reagents, standards and other laboratory consumables lifecycle by automating back office information. This enables better purchasing decisions and efficient laboratory management. 


Ø  Request Management:

 BTLIMS can handle the submission, review, testing and release of externally submitted samples.


Ø  Dashboards:

BTLIMS helps you to view all your key performance indicators (KPIs) at a glance in one place.


Ø  Ad-hoc Query:

The search filters and export data features enables laboratories to define a data query.


Ø  Security and Auditing:

BTLIMS provides security and auditing options to ensure data safety and compliance with regulations such as NELAP, NVLAP, A2LA etc.



Ø  Data Security:

BTLIMS can be configured and customized to restrict access to the data based on role, department or object-level permissions to suit the needs of your lab.



Ø  Electronic Signature:

21 CFR Part 11/Annex 11 requirements for electronic records and signatures supported. BTLMS


Ø  Framework:

BTLIMS framework provides a number of capabilities that make usage, configuration and management of the system easy with flexible solutions.


Ø  Data Import & Collaboration:

You can import and process data from different file formats (CSV, delimited, XML and Excel) and also add notes and comments to any data item including samples, results, etc using BTLIMS.


Ø  Easier Implementation and Management:

We have faster implementation cycles with more out-of-box simplicity. BTLIMS enhances you with responsive menu and toolbar to easily guide users through initial set-up and daily management.



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